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About Me

Passionate software engineer with a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) focused in Computer Science from Manipal Institute of Technology. I currently work in the Office Natural User Interfaces Incubation team at Microsoft where we work on the next generation of Office products.

My role involves contributing to technical and product ideation, experimenting with emerging technologies, and rapid prototyping. Prior to my present role, I worked as a full-stack software engineer in Microsoft's C+E group, mainly developing enterprise apps related to the sales domain and working with various web and data technologies.

In the past, I have worked in the Conversational AI space - building voice apps both independently and for various clients and startups. Some of my voice apps (Alexa Skills) were winners in various monthly competitions and hackathons organized by Amazon at the time.

Beyond my day-to-day responsibilities, I love working on side projects and participating in hackathons, and have even been a winner at quite a few of them! You can check some of my side projects out below. I also like teaching what I know about programming and have been a part of various volunteering initiatives both inside and outside of Microsoft.

My Skills

Alexa Skills
Google Assistant Actions
React Native
Big Data

Personal Projects Showcase (Select)

Course: Alexa 101, Designing Voice Apps for Alexa
An interactive course that teaches learners how to build voice apps for Alexa using practical examples and projects. Made in collaboration with Educative.
Sensor Streamer
An Android app that allows the user to stream phone sensor info, images and audio in realtime to a provided server running on their Raspberry Pi/computer.
Phone Pi Sensor Streamer
An Android app that allows the user to stream phone sensor info in realtime to a provided server running on their Raspberry Pi/computer.
Resolution Tracker
An Amazon Alexa Skill that helps keep track of your new year resolutions and helps tweet your progress to your followers.
Trivia Quest
An Amazon Alexa game to test your wits and climb on top of a global leaderboard.
Multi-step Wizard Fluent
A fully cuztomizable React component to build your own multi-step forms.
Voice Clues
A cross platform voice game available on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built using Jovo.
SMS Genie
An SMS bot to aid in education in remote areas where internet penetration is poor.

Awards and Recognition

  • Microsoft Hackathon 2021, Hack for Developer Productivity My contributions included product ideation and building the core capabilities of the product. The project also won another award in a Sponsored Hack titled "Observability Assistance."
  • Quarterly Recognition Awards, Microsoft Won quarterly recognition awards multiple times for my contributions.
  • Nominated: Alexa Star developer of the year 2018, Amazon AI Conclave Nominated as one of the top two nominees by Amazon among thousands of developers in India.
  • First place, Amazon Alexa Skill Wizards Challenge 2018 Awarded First place amongst participants from all colleges in India.
  • Second Place, Techgig Code Gladiators 2018 Awarded second place in the Amazon Alexa theme
  • International Travel Hackathon Finalist 2019 Top 5 Finalist among applicants from 60+ countries
  • Finalist, NEC Digitalzing Education Challenge, 2019
  • Best Alexa Skill of the month Awarded by Amazon in the months December 2017, June 2018
  • Runner up, TCS Rural IT Quiz 2013


  • Educator, Educative Inc.: Curriculum Design and Course Development
  • Microsoft 4Afrika (2020-2021): Peer mentoring college student. Providing technical and other guidance as part of Microsoft Aspire program.
  • Newtonschool Mentor (2020-2021): Helping a cohort of 10 college students take their first steps in the tech industry.
  • Teach Code For Good (2018): Taught Python to kids in a government school.
  • Amazon Alexa Student Influencer: Mentored students in my college in the voice space as part of an official Amazon program for students.